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Collaclot - Collagen pad to stop bleeding and promote clotting

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Collaclot: The Ideal Hemostatic Agent for Pets and Animals

Decade-Long Expertise in Pet First Aid

With over a decade of experience in pet first aid, we have tirelessly searched for products to effectively control catastrophic bleeds in pets and animals. While many hemostatic agents exist, few are suitable for our furry friends, such as the Z-fold gauze. Our quest led us to **Collaclot**.

Collaclot's Unique Benefits

Collaclot stands out as a collagen-based product, consisting of 100% collagen. This unique composition not only staunches bleeding but also promotes the body's natural healing processes, setting it apart from other hemostatic agents.

Versatile Applications

Collaclot isn't limited to catastrophic artery cuts; it can be used for various situations. Whether it's a minor injury, a torn claw, or any bleeding issue, Collaclot is a versatile solution suitable for dogs, cats, pets, equestrian applications, agriculture, wildlife parks, and zoos.

Simple and Convenient Usage

**Collaclot** arrives in user-friendly fold pouches, offering two sizes for your convenience. The product itself is a collagen sheet with one smooth side and one rough side. Both sides work equally effectively due to the 100% collagen composition. You can easily tear Collaclot to the desired size for specific applications.

Effective Application Techniques

For open wounds or injuries, you can fold and apply Collaclot directly into the wound. Standard first-aid practices dictate applying direct pressure, followed by securing the dressing with a bandage. Collaclot simplifies the process and ensures better results.

Availability and Ordering

**Collaclot** is available in two sizes, catering to various needs. You can purchase it directly from the **ProTrainings Europe** store on our website, ****. For further information or assistance, please feel free to contact us at **** or call us at **01206 809538**. Discover how Collaclot can potentially save the lives of your beloved pets and animals.