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It is important to try to keep your pet as calm as possible in an emergency

  • Remain calm, your pet will sense it if you are anxious
  • Talk quietly to your pet and reassure them
  • Stroke them gently

Remove your pet from a stressful environment if possible to somewhere they feel secure

  • Avoid unnecessary handling 
  • Don't try to turn them over as it may raise their level of anxiety

If you come across an injured animal you don't know, you may instinctively was to help, if you do

  • Don't rush up to the animal you may scare it and it may try to run and make the injury worse
  • Take a few moments to assess the scene for danger
  • Approach calmly, slowly and carefully
  • If the animal looks agitated try not to look straight into its eyes
  • If it tries to move, be carefully about restraining it, you may do more damage
  • Keep yourself and the animal as safe as possible
  • Always remain aware of the potential danger around you