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Now, dehydration in animals is a big, big problem. And it is very hard for the pet first aider to actually treat an animal that is dehydrated because you are trying to get it more water. But water is not always the answer. We need to put substances in to re-balance the body so that it can become hydrated. Also, if you know your dog is going to be doing something which could get dehydrated, you can use this proactively and give the Oralade to the animal. Now, Oralade is a simple, easy solution. It either comes in a liquid form with this and you can just pour this into a bowl and dogs love it, and cats as well. It is chicken flavoured, and I have used this with the dogs and they absolutely love it. Also, it is available now as a gel. Now, this is a gel system here, which makes it much easier, because if we are trying to carry this into a first aid kit this is hard because it is big and it is bulky.

Whereas these, very simple way of putting them into first aid kits. So without pet first aid kits, we can add these into them if you want. Having the Oralade sachets in there, which gives you the ability to control dehydration and the problems associated with it. When a dog or cat goes and becomes dehydrated, this can be life-threatening, so a product like this will very quickly help the situation. If the root cause has not been sorted, then animals is probably still need to go to the vet, but we are buying some vital time re-hydrating them. Dehydration also occurs when animals become unwell, so using this, if they have gone off their food, and especially if you are using wet food, that is also a source of moisture that they would be taking in, a product like this can help them.

So, Oralade is a simple, simple solution to treating dehydration and preventing dehydration. If you are interested to know more information about Oralade or you wish to purchase any, you can go to our website, which is first-aid-online.co.uk. You can go to the bottom of any of our training sites or see the Pro Training store at protrainings.uk/store, email us on supplies@protrainings.uk or give us a ring, and we can give you more information about this product and about any of our pet first aid kits or pet first aid training.