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The Older Dog

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Caring for Older Dogs: Tips for Their Well-being

Adjusting Activities

Adapt Walks: Tailor the speed and distance of walks to match your older dog's mobility and energy levels.

Watch for Playful Pals: Be mindful that older dogs are more prone to tripping or being knocked over by younger, more active dogs.

Health Monitoring

Check for Skin Abnormalities: Keep an eye out for cysts or warts during regular grooming sessions.

Sensory Changes: Be aware of potential impairments in hearing and sight as your dog ages. Adjust your interactions accordingly.

Oral Care: Address yellowing teeth with dental gels or powder designed for dogs. Ensure your dog is comfortable with teeth cleaning, and consult your vet for suitability.

Regular Veterinary Check-ups

Essential Check-ups: Schedule regular vet appointments to monitor your older dog's health and well-being.

Professional Guidance: Your vet can provide guidance on keeping your aging companion happy and mobile.