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Lethargy is where animals are not being themselves, appear lazy and look generally under the weather. It may be simply that they are having a bad day, tired, warm or just having a lazy day.

In many cases, there is nothing to worry about but it may be a sign of something more serious.

You need to look at the whole picture to see what could be wrong. Look at what has happened over the last few days. Some dogs get a bit sad when one if their owners have gone away when they realise they are going to a kennel or just generally sulk over something.

Look at things like have they exercised recently which could show they are tired or maybe that the exercise has overtired them.

Take their vital signs and write them down to the vet to see and it will also show how the vital signs have changed over a period of time.

Do not give medications as this may make things worse or mask signs the vet needs to see.