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Types of fractures on animals

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Pet Bone Fractures

Understanding Bone Fractures

Bones, while generally strong, can break due to various factors:

  • Severity and type of fracture depend on:
    • Mechanics of the injury
    • Bone strength
    • Force applied

Types of Fractures

Exploring different fracture types:

  • Open or Compound Fracture: Bones break and penetrate the skin, posing risks of bleeding and infection.
  • Common Fracture Types:
    • Transverse Fracture
    • Stable Fracture
    • Complicated Fracture
    • Fracture-Dislocation
    • Greenstick Fracture
    • Spiral Fracture
    • Compression Fracture
  • Other Fracture Types:
    • Stress Fracture (Hairline Fracture)
    • Impact Fracture
    • Oblique Fracture
    • Comminuted Fracture
    • Avulsion Fracture
    • Segmental Fracture

Treatment Approach

For first-aiders, knowing the fracture name isn't crucial, as treatment generally follows similar principles:

  • Seek veterinary assistance promptly
  • Handle fractures with care and attention
  • Ensure immobilization
  • Support and comfort the injured pet